Discover the Truth: why zinc is better than sunscreen

Introduction: what is zinc and what does it do?

Each year, the number of new cases of skin cancer skyrockets. In a world with a booming population and an ever-changing environment, more people are getting skin cancer than ever before. So, what can we do to prevent this from happening?

Thankfully, there is a fantastic product on the market that can provide excellent sun protection for your face, hydrate your skin and act as a foundation, all at the same time! And…it’s called zinc. You know, that thick, (sometimes) colourful stuff your parents smeared on your nose and cheeks before you hit the beach when you were little? That’s the stuff I’m talking about and it’s being recognised as even more effective than sunscreen.

For instance, dermatologists are arguing that zinc is better than sunscreen. They claim that sunscreen has become ineffective because of the very thing it is trying to protect against, UV radiation. Sunscreen can’t keep up with the rays as they become stronger and more intense as the years go on. Zinc, on the other hand, is a mineral found within our DNA and it creates a protective layer around your skin cells.

Why it’s better to use zinc instead of sunscreen

There are 3 key benefits that this product provides as an alternative to sunscreen.

The first benefit is that it’s been shown to be more effective than the SPF system in preventing sunburn and skin cancer.

The second benefit is that it doesn’t cause any negative reactions for those with sensitive skin like those who are allergic to sunscreen.

Lastly, zinc oxide can decrease the production of free radicals protecting against aging and sun damage, which is not possible with using sunscreen alone.

Many people find great satisfaction in using this product as it’s non-greasy, unlike sunscreen, it’s better absorbed by the skin and can be used as substitute for foundation (a tan coloured tint will do the job nicely!). Also, it stays on and will not rub off during the day like sunscreen usually does.

The negative effects of using zinc

Studies have shown that zinc oxide, commonly found in sunscreen, is the second most dangerous substance to the environment. The heaviest substance is paraquat, a herbicide, and we all know how harmful that can be.

This information has caused many people to question whether or not they should be wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.

Conclusion: why zinc should be used to protect your skin

Zinc oxide goes beyond what sunscreen can do and actually helps keep your skin stay moisturised and plump.

You can use it instead of foundation as it gives you a nice, smooth complexion whilst protecting your face from UV rays, and it stays on all day long! Bonus!

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