Why Choose Brown Basmati Rice?

Why Choose Brown Basmati Rice?

People that are watching their cholesterol levels should consider eating brown basmati rice. It has more fibre than white basmati rice, which lowers cholesterol levels in your body. It has been linked to lower risks of heart disease and cancer and improved brain function.

However, not all brown basmati rice is good for you. There are two things you need to look for when buying brown basmati rice. Make sure the packaging says ‘100% basmati’ or ‘100% Indian’. If it just says ‘brown basmati’ it could be a blend of brown rice and white basmati. This is not bad, but it means that you are not getting the full benefits of brown rice.

The nutty flavour of brown basmati rice pairs well with almost any kind of food. You can use it in many different dishes. It’s easy to cook, just boil it like regular brown rice. Don’t use any salt when cooking it and don’t overcook it; it should be al dente. It will continue to cook while it sits to cool down immediately after cooking, or even while you eat it. I usually eat it within a day or two after it’s cooked. It keeps well in the refrigerator for about four to five days.


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