10 Amazing Yoga Workouts for Beginners Who Want to Get Started

The practice of yoga involves physical poses and various movements. It can be practiced as part of a routine or a way of life. Yoga has changed the way many people approach their fitness routines. From celebrities to athletes to doctors, people are discovering the many benefits of incorporating yoga into their lifestyles. One of the best things about it is that there are different yoga workouts for beginners to try, depending on their individual fitness level. 

Yoga is great for shaping and strengthening your body, increasing flexibility, calming the mind, controlled breathing and relieving everyday stress and anxiety. This exercise can also strengthen your immune system, help improve blood circulation and even improve your digestion.

In this article, we’ll outline the top yoga exercises for beginners, and why they’re the best yoga exercises for beginners.  

Top 10 Yoga Exercises for Beginners

The top yoga exercises for you are the ones that will help you to improve the condition of your body. Here are my top 10:

1. Sun Salutation – The sun salutation is a series of postures that strengthens, warms and aligns the body in a sequence of movements. It is one of the most basic and foundational series of poses in yoga and this movement is a good way to get started. Salutations help with blood circulation and boost energy.

2. Downward Dog – A downward dog, also called a cat pose, is one of the most recognised poses in yoga. This position is meant to stretch and strengthen the spine and spinal muscles. It is named after the feline and is intended to stimulate the body’s catlike reflexes by relaxing the body and easing stress.

4. The Plank – Possibly the most basic exercise for the chest, shoulders, and core. The plank is a great way to build a strong core with limited movement. It is mainly used as a strengthening exercise to build upper body strength for supporting heavy weight and to build a strong core. 

5. Bridging – The bridge exercise involves raising your pelvis with either both feet flat on the floor or with one leg raised. It strengthens the calve muscles, your gluteus, hip flexors and hamstrings.  

6. Bent Leg Knee-to-Chest Stretch – This stretch is great for opening up the groin area. It also stretches your lower back and hips.

7. Hip Flexor Stretch – Stretch the hip flexor with this great exercise to reduce pain in the lower back, knee, groin and hips.

8. Quadriceps Stretch – Stretching the quadriceps will help reduce lower back pain.

9. Forward Fold Stretch – This is a great exercise for calming the nervous system, reducing fatigue and helps improve digestion. 

10. Dips – Dips target the chest, triceps, and shoulders and help to build muscle mass. They are also an effective way to burn fat!

All these poses can be done on your own, with your partner or in a yoga class. Enjoy practising!

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