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How Red Sorghum Can Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle

What is it? How red sorghum can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Red sorghum, also called red grain sorghum, is a cereal grain grown in East Asia and Africa. Although similar to other grains, red sorghum is often not hybridised…

is-milk thistle-the-miracle-herb

Is Milk Thistle the Miracle Herb?

Is milk thistle the miracle herb? This article discusses the benefits of milk thistle tea, a herbal remedy that helps to detoxify the liver. Milk thistle is a plant that originated in southern Europe and North Africa and has been…


Embrace Your Uniqueness

Discover your talents Embrace your uniqueness. Everyone has a talent or two. Sometimes it takes a while to find it and fully embrace it, but once we do, the magic happens. For example, I never thought I would enjoy public…


Have Respect for Yourself

Respect yourself Have respect for yourself. We all know that we need to respect others and be polite, but we never think about the fact that we need to do the same for ourselves. It’s important to have a healthy…


Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Stop being your own worst enemy. When we judge ourselves and beat ourselves up, we can’t see our true potential. We miss out on opportunities to be happy and fulfilled. We often put so much energy into beating ourselves up…