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Boswellia Can Cure Inflammation

Introduction: what’s inflammation? Boswellia can cure inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response that primarily affects the immune system. It is a process in which the tissues in the body become irritated. This irritation can be a result of injury or…


Stop Scraping, Start Filing Rough Skin

Introduction Stop scraping, start filing rough skin. Rough skin is the bane of many peoples’ existence, and with good reason. Not only can a person feel self-conscious about their appearance with dry, rough patches of skin, they can also experience…


What is Chlorophyll? A look at the green pigment

What is it? What is chlorophyll? A look at the green pigment. Chlorophyll is a molecule found in plants that’s responsible for transforming sunlight into energy. Chlorophyll is often used as a blood-cleansing agent that removes toxic substances from the…