Get Soft, Radiant Skin Without Spending Too Much

Get soft, radiant skin without spending too much

My daily ‘go to’ face moisturiser is called ‘Ego QV Face Moisturising Day Cream’. I love this cream because it’s good for sensitive radiant skin, it’s not too oily, it softens and revitalises your face, it’s fragrance-free and it has vitamin B3, which gives you a fresher and firmer complexion.

The best way to use it

I recommend starting your daily facial care routine by firstly washing your face with soap and warm water thoroughly to get rid of the dirt and lingering bacteria.

Secondly, apply a vitamin C or rose hip oil serum to your face and neck area (two or three drops is plenty) and finally apply this moisturiser on top. The serum will give you that nice ‘glowy’ look and the moisturiser will soften your face and keep it well hydrated for the day ahead.


It is widely available in most chemists, pharmacies, in some supermarkets and online.  It is also very affordable, costing you around $12.39 for 75g, which should last you for at least a month.

Other benefits

Other benefits of this face moisturiser include it is:

  • SPF 30 broad spectrum which provides high protection from sun damage and premature ageing.
  • Non-comedogenic – it won’t block pores.
  • Gently formulated for the face and neck area.
  • Colour free.
  • Dermatologically tested.

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