How Travelling Abroad Turned Me Into a Happier Person

How travelling abroad tuned me into a happier person

The benefits of travelling are not momentary. Travelling can change you physically, spiritually and psychologically.

We all need to travel every now and then – for me it’s minimum twice a year! I think it helps to make me a happier, healthier, a more balanced and grateful person.

Having little time or money isn’t a valid excuse. You can fly for cheap very easily. If you have a full-time job and a family, you can still travel on the weekends or holidays, even with a baby.

If you can make the time, it’s well worth your efforts. There are so many benefits of travelling. Let’s see what they are.

Improves your health

Travelling does wonders for your health. I travel when I need to get away from grind of the city and break up the monotony of life. I love exploring a new city and becoming more familiar with a completely different culture.

It’s liberating to be able to walk for hours on end, admiring a new city. It’s so refreshing to be able to jump in a car or hop on a plane and escape reality for a few days, weeks or months. This is absolutely needed if you’ve had a hard time recently, been sick, or just need a good solid break from working life. It can significantly improve your mental health, especially if you’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety. It gives you that ‘lift’ you need.

I feel the most free when I travel because I forget time and most of my responsibilities are left at my front door. All I need to focus on is where I’m going next, what I’d like to see and what food I’d like to eat. That’s pretty much it…. and if I don’t happen to make my scheduled visit somewhere, it’s no big deal. I can simply skip it and not freak out about it. I can totally disconnect myself from daily life, which is really cool!

Expands your world

I love how you can be at home one day and then within 24hrs be in a completely different country. I’ve learnt so much from travelling to various countries and cities. I’ve learnt a lot about different customs, religions, cultures, cuisines, languages, ways of life, how to get around and be ‘street smart’, how to make friends in a new city and have gained so many great memories and experiences. I’ve also learnt to have a greater appreciation of what we have at home and the natural beauty of my country.

Builds great memories

The memories I have built over the years whilst travelling around the globe have been fabulous and will last a lifetime. They also provide great topics of conversation and ways in which I can better understand, relate to and connect with other people from different cultures and backgrounds.

I feel that because I can talk so much about my experiences looking back, I am a more interesting person to know. I have more experience and more to offer people and the world. It’s so important to never stop seeking and exploring new things in your life and expanding your horizons. This has made me a more curious, adventurous and stronger human being. I feel more confident to face challenges and rely on myself to make things happen in my life.


There is nothing like exploring the world and seeing it from your own perspective. People can tell you their stories, but you might have the complete opposite experience and therefore opinion about a place.

It’s a completely freeing, gratifying and fulfilling experience and it has definitely made me a happier person!

So, having said all that, go and explore this beautiful world whilst you have the time! Let go, have some fun and be adventurous!

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