My daily mantra: Leadership

Strong leadership requires good listening skills, project management skills, people management and problem-solving skills, courage, firm decision making and ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ or have a greater vision for whatever it is you are doing.

Judgement of others and gossiping will not get you there, it will only bring you down. Try to improve yourself every day, even if it requires small steps to accomplish your goals overtime.

Be fearless to face all those who oppose you because you are rightfully not wavering under their threats, nor subduing to them. Continue to do good in the world and you will be rewarded. Be patient and persevere to reach the vision you have for your work.

Say to yourself each day,

“I am strong, I am consistent in my work, and I will continue to take small steps each day towards reaching my goals. I will lead by example by doing good in the world. I will look back on my day, week, month and years and reflect on how I could do things better. I will be better and better each day and achieve greatness”.

Stay motivated, keen to learn, grow every day and never give up on your will to lead by example!

Sending you love and kindness.

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