My daily mantra: Be excited about your destiny

reach your destiny

Be excited about your destiny so that you..

My daily mantra: The power of decision making

the power of decision making

My daily mantra: The power of decision making…

My daily mantra: Look forward

You have an amazing life in front of you. Your past will not dictate your future. Learn from your past mistakes, but do not let them dictate your future. You are in control of your life. Everyone’s been through hardships and struggles. Identify your gift, perfect it and share it with the world.

My daily mantra: Look forward. You have an..

My daily mantra: Elevated thinking

You have the power of making a choice. A choice to elevate your thinking to help you achieve your greatest goals. Have the belief in yourself and change your thinking. It doesn’t matter what other people think, the only thoughts that matter are yours.

My daily mantra: Elevated thinking. You have the..

My daily mantra: Have a vision

Having a vision for your life is vital. Without a vision for your life you are like a boat without a rudder, floating wherever the current takes you. Take control of your life by visualising your ideal life and write it down.

My daily mantra: Have a vision. Having a..

My daily mantra: Maintain balance

It’s important to pursue your goals, but not at the expense of neglecting your emotional well-being and close relationships. Maintaining a balance in your life is key. If you’re pursing your dreams but find people around you disappearing and you feel depressed and lonely, then you know something’s wrong.

My daily mantra: Maintain balance. It’s important to..

My daily mantra: Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd. Be unique. Go the extra mile. Stay back at work an extra 15 minutes to find the answer to that enquiry. Give someone a bonus as part of your service, ask them for feedback and give them more than what was expected.

My daily mantra: Stand out from the crowd…

My daily mantra: Leadership

Strong leadership requires good listening skills, project management skills, people management and problem-solving skills, courage, firm decision making and ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ or have a greater vision for whatever it is you are doing. Judgement of others and gossiping will not get you there, it will only bring you down.

Strong leadership requires good listening skills, project management..

My daily mantra: Achieving dreams

The spice of life is dreaming. Dream big. Be adventurous. Be courageous. Dream often. Dream, dream, dream. Know that there’s plenty out there just waiting for you to take it. Without dreams nothing can be accomplished or improved. It all starts with your mind. Be brave and do not hold back.

My daily mantra: Achieving dreams. The spice of..

My daily mantra: Overcoming hardships

You will encounter hardships in your life to test you so that you become a stronger person. Do not give up at the first sign of difficulty. Identify it and recognise that this experience will guide you the way to becoming a better person and the best version of yourself.

My daily mantra: Overcoming hardships. You will encounter..

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