My daily mantra: The power of decision making

My daily mantra: The power of decision making. You will reflect on your life at some point in time – everybody does. There will be difficult times ahead when you’ll need to decide whether you will ‘give up’, or whether you’ll push forward towards growth and self-progression.

Just hang in there, you will be rewarded! Say to yourself each day,

“I will push through the hard times in my life to obtain the rewards I deserve. I work hard with what I have, I believe and therefore I will receive. I live each day with a sense of urgency, like each day is my last. My decisions are powerful and are important to me, they direct my life”.

Don’t make the mistake of being scared and end up making no decisions at all. Focus on what you can control and not on what you can’t. Learn from your mistakes and know what you want from life.

Talk to yourself and know that you are capable of overcoming all obstacles and understand you can make miracles happen. The possibilities are endless! You have comeback power! Just create a positive environment for yourself.

Have a great work ethic and combine that with faith – then watch everything unfold like never before!

Sending you love and kindness.

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