My daily mantra: Overcoming hardships

My daily mantra: Overcoming hardships. You will encounter hardships in your life to test you so that you become a stronger person. Do not give up at the first sign of difficulty. Identify it and recognise that this experience will guide you the way to becoming a better person and the best version of yourself.

Remember, it’s not about the hardships you encounter, it’s what you do about the hardships that really counts.

Say to yourself each day,

“My hardships do not define me. What defines me is how I overcome the challenges I face. I choose to accept these hardships and be grateful for them, as they help to make me a stronger and better person. I choose to overcome these challenges with grace, positivity and love and I’m thankful for all the universe sends me because I know it’s for my own good”.

Be a good role model for the younger generation and show them how important the role of hardships play in the story of your life to building your best life, by remaining positive and accepting all that is given to you.

Allow the light to shine through you to uproot negativity and tear down any self-doubt. Be patient in times of struggle and attacks. Know that love is right in front of you, always.

Sending you love and kindness.

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