My daily mantra: Have a vision

Aug 8, 2020 | Achieving dreams | 0 comments

Having a vision for your life is vital. Without a vision for your life you are like a boat without a rudder, floating wherever the current takes you. Take control of your life by visualising your ideal life and write it down. Write the vision on paper, create a vision board and look at it every day. That will become your scripture and your dream will come to you at a point in time. It will come to pass. Your imagination is evidence of things not yet seen.

Say to yourself each day,

“I write my vision and everything I want in life down on paper, including what I would like to have and achieve. It is detailed and ambitious. I read this to myself every day. I create my vision board in different places… on my wall, on my desktop, and on my screen saver. That way I can look at it all of the time”.

Remember, you have not because you asked not.

Sending you love and kindness.


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