Stop Scraping, Start Filing Rough Skin


Stop scraping, start filing rough skin.

Rough skin is the bane of many peoples’ existence, and with good reason. Not only can a person feel self-conscious about their appearance with dry, rough patches of skin, they can also experience very intense discomfort from it. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this issue from the comfort of one’s own home.

The typical cause of rough feet is dryness. Dryness can lead to a build up of dead skin cells. The build up can be caused by natural dryness or environmental factors such as cold weather, air conditioning, heated water during showers and over-washing. It is possible to remedy this condition with an exfoliating scrub or moisturiser.

Foot filing can also be very beneficial for your dry, itchy feet. It is a common treatment for most people that experience dry and itchy skin. The process is simple and painless, but there are certain precautions to take before performing this at home. It is recommend that you talk with your physician before foot filing so you know what type of file to buy.

The benefits of foot filing

Everyone experiences rough feet or other body parts from time to time. This can be caused by any number of reasons, but most commonly, it is attributed to dry skin, rashes or calluses. To help you combat this problem, here are some benefits associated with foot filing.

Professional foot filing helps cleanse your feet by supplying more nutrients to the cells. It stimulates the blood circulation in the feet, which delivers more oxygen to the feet. Regular foot filing makes skin radiant. It also improves the self-repair process in skin, making the skin healthy.

When to do it

When to use a foot file during a pedicure depends on whether you use the soaking solution or not. Foot files are used during different types of herbal and stone spa treatments for removing dead skin from pressure points on the feet. Wet filing can be more effective than dry filing and you can do this at home.

First, wash your feet and wipe them completely dry with a towel.

Gently rub a pedicure foot file on your feet.

Using your finger gently rub the pedicure foot file over the feet.

After that remove the excess dry skin with the help of a towel.


Dry skin needs moisture. It is important that after foot filing you apply foot lotion or moisturising cream.

Use a cream that includes essential vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. This will help your feet stay hydrated for longer, leaving it smooth and supple. Apply the cream as often as you like to ensure your feet stay soft. You can use your moisturiser for up to 24 hours without drying out your feet.

What are the risks?

Foot filing is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells from your skin. However, it’s important not to file too hard, as any nicks and raw skin could take time to heal and might even cause infection. It’s better to gently scrub your skin once a week rather than to overdo it in one go.

How can I avoid rough feet?

Rough feet is a common problem, especially for people who wear tight shoes or have dry skin. If you want to prevent this, try these tips:

  1. Wear shoes that fit well on your feet and that are comfortable.
  2. Respond to painful feet as soon as possible as this can indicate future problems.
  3. To ensure your feet remain healthy, dry them thoroughly after showering.
  4. Your feet can always look good with minimal effort with a daily foot care routine that works for you.

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