The 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Spinach You Probably Didn’t Know About

Spinach is a member of the amaranth family, which also includes beets and quinoa. It’s very nutritious and healthy, containing lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

A diet rich in spinach may protect against certain types of cancer, lower blood pressure levels and improve eye and heart health.

Here are 5 incredible health benefits of spinach:

  1. It’s a great source of fibre – it adds bulk to your stool, helping to relieve constipation.
  2. It’s a great source of minerals including iron, calcium and folic acid.
    • Iron helps red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s muscles and tissues, important for the body’s growth and development.
    • Calcium is good for heart health, healthy bones, nails, skin and hair growth.
    • Folic acid also known as vitamin B9, is essential for tissue growth and cellular function.
  3. It contains many vitamins, including:
    • Vitamin A – good for the functioning of the immune system and organs.
    • Vitamin B – good for maintain energy levels, metabolism and promoting cell health.
    • Vitamin C – good for the immune system and skin health.
    • Vitamin D – also important for skin health, the immune system and calcium absorption.
    • Vitamin K – essential for blood clotting.
  4. It can protect your eyes from harmful rays from the sun with the help of zeaxanthin and lutein. It’s also a good source of other eye-healthy vitamins.
  5. Spinach slows down cancer cell growth at a much faster rate than normal cell growth.

What are the risks?

Spinach may cause adverse effects in some people including blood clotting (it may interfere with blood thinning medication) and the build-up of kidney stones.

So, if you take blood thinning medication, or if you’re prone to kidney stones, consult with your doctor first and limit your intake of spinach.

In summary

This leafy green vegetable is very nutritious. It may reduce oxidative stress, improve eye health, prevent heart disease and cancer.

If you decide to start including spinach in your diet, it’s an easy food to add and can do wonders for your health.

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